A dramatic wedding story
DOVE - A dramatic Weddingstory
Dove – Like a bird in the wind
Her greatest and most beautiful day is to arrive: she will be a bride tomorrow.
Everything is perfect, well organized and done perfect. With pride and arrogance, she sat and waited for the next day.
Do you have the wedding rings, her mother asked Yes, she replied, they are save at home. I will go and get them.
Hastily and like in a trance she hurries to her car to drive home. She is beside herself with joy.
Suddenly a bright light… Can’t see anything. Where am I? What happened? She is stumbling blind around. Nobody beside her.
About 2 hours later the sad call came: an accident has happened. She had fallen asleep at the steering wheel and hit a standalone tree.
It was too late for any help.
In the meantime, the bride stumbled numb through the bright light. After some time, she felt some kind of lightness, defying gravity. The bright light disappeared and she saw herself lying beside her car. In her hands still holding the wedding rings and it seemed like she was looking blessed.
Suddenly she felt a force, pulling her up despite her effort to stay on the ground. And again the bright light was shining on her.
Where do I go to? I have to be at my wedding tomorrow!
She could not understand it but she wasn’t allowed to be on her most beautiful day.
Flourishing in beauty she was chosen to become an angel. Leaving others in groom and wounded, but staying in ageless beauty within their memory…

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